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Dynamic return-volatility dependence and risk measure of CoVaR in the oil market: A time-varying mixed copula model 期刊论文
ENERGY ECONOMICS, 2017, 期号: 68, 页码: 53-65
Authors:  Liu, Bing-Yue;  Ji, Qiang;  Fan, Ying
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Performance evaluation of climate policies in China: A study based on an integrated assessment model 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 2017, 期号: 164, 页码: 1068-1080
Authors:  Peng, Pan;  Zhu, Lei;  Fan, Ying
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Impact of Firms' observation network on the carbon market 期刊论文
nergies, 2017, 期号: 13, 页码: 8
Authors:  Yu, Song-Mi;  Zhu, Lei
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School Of Economics And Management  Beihang University  100191  Beijing  China  
Optimal abatement technology adoption based upon learning-by-doing with spillover effect 期刊论文
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017, 期号: 143, 页码: 539-548
Authors:  Guo, Jian-Xin;  Fan, Ying
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Pension Fund Asset Allocation: A Mean-Variance Model with CVaR Constraints 期刊论文
Procedia Computer Science, 2017, 期号: 108c, 页码: 1302-1307
Authors:  Chen, Yibing;  Sun, Xiaolei;  Li, Jianping
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The accounting for greenhouse gas emissions of a low-carbon industrial park in China: A case study in Chongqing 期刊论文
Energy Procedia, 2017, 期号: 142, 页码: 3176-3181
Authors:  Tan, Xianchun;  Zeng, Yuan;  Gu, Baihe;  Tan, Xianbo;  Xu, Baoguang
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Empirical Study of China's Provincial Carbon Responsibility Sharing: Provincial Value Chain Perspective 期刊论文
SUSTAINABILITY, 2017, 卷号: 9, 期号: 4, 页码: 569
Authors:  Xie, Rui;  Gao, Chao;  Zhao, Guomei;  Liu, Yu;  Xu, Shengcheng
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Performance evaluation of climate policies in China: A study based on an integrated assessment 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 2017, 期号: 164, 页码: 1068-1080
Authors:  Peng, Pan;  Zhu, Lei;  Fan, Ying
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Topological evolution of the internet public opinion 期刊论文
Authors:  Lian, Ying;  Dohg, Xuefan;  Liu, Yijun
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Forecasting China's natural gas demand based on optimised nonlinear grey models 期刊论文
ENERGY, 2017, 期号: 140, 页码: 941-951
Authors:  Shaikh, Faheemullah;  Ji, Qiang;  Shaikh, Pervez Hameed;  Mirjat, Nayyar Hussain;  Uqaili, Muhammad Aslam
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Drivers of urban and rural residential energy consumption in China from the perspectives of climate and economic effects 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 2017, 期号: 0, 页码: 1-10
Authors:  Nie, Hong-guang;  Kemp, Rene;  Xu, Jin-hua;  Vasseur, Veronique;  Fan, Ying
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农户生计资本与沙漠化逆转趋势的关系——以宁夏盐池县为例 期刊论文
生态学报, 2017, 卷号: 37, 期号: 06, 页码: 2080-2092
Authors:  王娅;  周立华;  陈勇;  路慧玲;  魏轩
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FCAT:一种面向未来科技竞争力分析的新工具 期刊论文
图书情报知识, 2017, 期号: 01, 页码: 67-75,97
Authors:  白如江;  冷伏海;  廖君华
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中国科学家为什么不善科普 期刊论文
博览群书, 2017, 期号: 01, 页码: 15-18
Authors:  袁志彬
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战略性产业:培育未来发展新优势 期刊论文
中国战略新兴产业, 2017, 期号: 01, 页码: 48-50
Authors:  穆荣平;  樊永刚;  郭京京
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中国智库期刊的兴起与未来展望 期刊论文
科技与出版, 2017, 期号: 01, 页码: 24-29
Authors:  杨柳春;  刘天星;  郭雨齐
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基于政策文本分析的科技政策评估模型和实证研究 期刊论文
党政研究, 2017, 期号: 01, 页码: 56-59
Authors:  袁志彬
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中美科研实力比较研究:基于《2016研究前沿》的分析 期刊论文
中国科学基金, 2017, 卷号: 31, 期号: 01, 页码: 48-65
Authors:  冷伏海;  赵庆峰;  周秋菊
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科技领域基础研究能力的国际比较研究——以储能领域为例 期刊论文
科学学研究, 2017, 卷号: 35, 期号: 01, 页码: 34-44
Authors:  陈凯华;  张艺;  穆荣平
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环境税的SO_2和NO_x行业排放分解效应研究 期刊论文
中国环境科学, 2017, 卷号: 37, 期号: 01, 页码: 392-400
Authors:  刘宇;  胡晓虹
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